An Easy Guide on How To Correctly Measure Your Bra Size

Struggles in Finding the Right Size Bra

The clothes we wear on a daily basis are very important to us. They are a form of expression and tell the world a little bit about ourselves, our likes, dislikes and even our profession. But what’s underneath our clothes plays a key role in our comfort, style, and to some extent, our health. Finding the right pair of underwear presents a few difficulties, but finding the right bra can be quite a daunting task. Statistics show 85% of women are actually wearing the wrong size bra. Why is this number so high? In this article, I’m going to show you the most accurate way on how to measure bra size.

What Determines a Perfect Fit for a Bra?

Similar to fitting into any other article of clothing, the clothing brands and our body types are what determine a perfect fit. What feels and looks great in one store probably won’t be the same in the next. Not to mention there are thousands of bra brands, designers, fits, styles, and correctors. The best thing to do in this situation is to ask for help. A qualified sales associate at the store of your choice will take your measurements and present you with a variety of bras that will fit you and your needs. A 6-month ‘tune-up’ for resizing is recommended because of our body continual changes.

Problems with Asking Store Employees to Measure Bra Size

Asking a sales associate to help you measure your Bra size sounds easy enough, right? No. Busy schedules and the fear of standing half-naked in front of a stranger keeps women from getting sized in a professional setting. But, learning to accurately measure yourself at home can take the frustration and anxiety out of finding the right bra for you.

Measure Your Bra Size at Home

What you will need:

  • Measuring tape
  • Standing mirror
  • Bra without padding
  • Pen and paper to record your measurements

How to Determine your Bust and Band Size

Finding your correct bra size requires measurements of your bust and band size. Using the formula breast cup size measurements BUST- BAND = CUP will help you determine your cup size.

Calculate Your Bust Measurement

To get your bust measurement: wear a bra without padding then using a measuring tape, measure around the fullest part of your chest in inches. If you happen to be in-between numbers, round to the nearest whole number.

Calculate Your Band Measurement

To get your band measurement, drop the measuring tape to just under your bust, where the breast tissue connects to the rib cage. Make note of this measurement. Again, if you happen to be in-between numbers (band measurements in bras are always even) round up to the nearest even whole number.

Calculate Your Cup Size

Now it’s time to calculate your cup size. To find your cup size, subtract the Band measurement from the Bust measurement. For every inch difference you have, that equals one cup size. So one inch equals an “A” cup and so on and so forth. For example, if you have a bust that is 37 inches and a band of 34 inches, subtracting the two, gives a difference of 3 inches.  This correlates to a C cup.

A chart to Determine Your Cup Size

The chart below can help determine your cup size:

Breast Cup Sizing Chart


Putting the band and cup size together, you now have your correct bra size. Bra sizes may vary depending on where you go or who you buy from. But having this measurement as a starting point can help lead you in the right direction to a well-fitted, supportive and more comfortable bra.

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