Breast Implant Malposition Before and After Photos

Left Breast Bottoming Out Repair

23 yrs · Smooth Round · 360cc

Inframammary · Under Muscle


Bilateral Breast Bottoming Out Repair

Bilateral Double Bubble Repair

28 yrs · Smooth Round · 330cc

Inframammary · Under Muscle


Right Breast Bottoming Out Repair

31 yrs · Smooth Round · 330cc

Inframammary · Under Muscle

Breast implant malposition refers to the improper positioning of breast implants after breast augmentation surgery. It can occur due to various factors such as surgical technique, implant selection, or the body’s natural healing process. Before and after photos of breast implant malposition serve as a valuable resource for both patients and surgeons to understand the potential complications and outcomes associated with breast augmentation procedures.


Before and after photos provide visual evidence of the changes that occur in breast shape, position, and symmetry following breast implant malposition. These photos can demonstrate a range of malposition issues, including bottoming out (implant displacement downwards), lateral displacement (implants moving towards the sides), symmastia (implants too close together), or capsular contracture (scar tissue tightening around the implant).


For patients considering breast augmentation, these photos serve as an educational tool to help them understand the potential risks and complications associated with the procedure. They can visually assess the changes in breast appearance caused by malposition, allowing them to make informed decisions about their desired implant size, shape, and surgical technique. By viewing before and after photos, patients can gain a realistic understanding of the possible outcomes and engage in meaningful discussions with their surgeon.


Surgeons, on the other hand, can utilize these photos to enhance their own skills and knowledge. By studying the before and after images of breast implant malposition, surgeons can gain insights into the factors contributing to malposition and refine their surgical techniques to avoid or correct such complications. Additionally, these photos can serve as a reference during pre-operative consultations, enabling surgeons to effectively communicate potential outcomes to their patients.


It is important to note that breast implant malposition is a potential risk associated with breast augmentation surgery, but it does not occur in every case. The severity and occurrence of malposition can vary greatly between individuals. Therefore, it is essential for patients to consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon who can assess their unique anatomical considerations and provide personalized recommendations.


In conclusion, before and after photos of breast implant malposition provide a visual representation of the complications that can occur following breast augmentation surgery. They play a crucial role in educating both patients and surgeons about the potential risks, outcomes, and management of malposition. However, it is vital to remember that each case is unique, and individual results may vary.

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