Implant Malposition After Breast Augmentation – What it is, Causes, and Treatment

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What is Breast Implant Malposition?

Breast implant malposition is when the breast implant is not in the correct place in reference to the nipple. The breast implant can be too high, too low i.e. ” Bottoming Out“, to close to the middle of the chest i.e. “Symmastia” or “Uniboob” or “Breadloafing”,  or too far to the outside of the chest.

Causes of Implant Malposition after Breast Augmentation

It can be caused by direct trauma, capsular contracture, or over dissection of the breast implant pocket at the time of initial surgery. If it is caused by capsular contracture, it can occur shortly after surgery, or years later. The reason for this is unknown. It can occur with all types of breast implants including smooth or textured, saline or gel, and round or teardrop.

Correction Procedure

Malpostioned breast implants can be corrected by removing the breast implant either through a periareolar or inframammary incision.

Inframammary crease incision is preferred

An inframammary crease incision is preferred because it offers the best visibility for the repair. The new pocket is then opened in the direction the breast implant needs to be shifted. The remaining pocket is then closed with sutures so the breast implant will not slide back out of place. The breast implant is then replaced. This is very difficult to perform through a transaxillary incision, thus one of the other incisions is usually used.

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