Squamous Cell Skin Cancer

Squamous cell carcinoma is the second most common form of skin cancer.  One million cases if squamous cell skin cancer are diagnosed each year. They most often occur on sun-exposed areas of your body. This includes the face, ears, arms, hands and legs. However, they can occur on all areas of the body including the mucous membranes and the body. People with darker skin are more likely to develop squamous cell carcinoma on areas that aren’t often exposed to the sun.

Squamous cell carcinoma may appear as:

  • A firm, red nodule
  • A flat lesion with a scaly, crusted surface

Squamous cell skin cancers can metastasize if left untreated but rarely cause death.


Squamous Cell Skin Cancer Photo

A persistent crusting, scaly, red patch. It has irregular borders and may bleed.


Squamous Cell Skin Cancer Photo

An open sore which does not heal. It may crust or bleed.


Squamous Cell Skin Cancer Photo

An elevated growth with a central depression. May occasionally bleed.


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