Surprising Places Hollywood Celebrities are Getting Dermal Filler Injections

Surprising Places Hollywood Celebrities are Getting Dermal Filler Injections

Hollywood celebrities have been getting dermal filler injections to all the usual places. Traditional areas for injection include cheeks, lips and facial wrinkles. Did you know that there are several other areas that you can get dermal filler injections? Celebrities have been injecting these areas for years with amazing results.

The EarsWoman Earlobe Dermal Filler
Over time, just like the rest of our bodies, our earlobes loose volume, sag, wrinkle and become less firm. Adding a dermal filler helps fill the earlobes and make them fuller, firmer and appear more youthful. The filler helps provide support and structure around the ear piercing to support larger and heavier earrings. How long the filler will last depends on which filler is used and how quickly one metabolizes the filler. Dermal fillers can last six months to up to two years in the earlobes.

The Hands
As we age, the skin on the top of the hand becomes thinner with less subcutaneous fat. This causes the veins and tendons to become more visible. Age and sun damage also add to wrinkle formation. The back of the hands can make you look older then you actually are. Dermal filler injections have been an excellent way to reduce these signs of aging. Hand models are doing this on a regular basis to keep their hands appearing young.

The Nipples
With time, nipples too become less firm and less erect. Hollywood celebrities have filler placed in their nipples because they are filming and want a little more of the nipple to show. Other woman, just like having a more youthful appearance and feel their partner likes it.

The Temples
As we age or even lose weight, the temple area can hollow. This can make one look older, gaunt and unhealthy. Dermal filler injected into the temple hollows can round out the face giving a more healthy and pleasing look.

The Belly ButtonWoman Belly Button
Some people may develop indentations above or around their belly button. This can happen with age, weight lose or childbirth. The belly button can become stretched out and have wrinkles around it. Dermal filler injections can fill these areas making the belly button less wrinkled, more firm and have a more pleasant appearance.

The Undereyes
The undereyes are a very common area Hollywood celebrities and woman in general get dermal fillers. The injections can improve the darkness and hollowness which makes you look tired and older. The younger you start, the better. When you start to get that indentation, that’s the time to start thinking about it, because then you only need a small amount. The overall effect is amazing

Many woman suffer from cellulite. Cellulite is caused by fat pushing up against the connective tissue under the skin creating the appearance of dimpling. If there are specific areas, release of the connective tissue and placement of a dermal filler can help make the cellulite less visible.

The LabiaWoman Labia
Just like every other part of your body, the labia are susceptible to signs of aging. But changes in this intimate area are about more than just appearance. It is also about comfort. Luckily, “labia puffing” can address this.

The labia majora (outer folds) wrinkle and lose elasticity and tone with time. This is caused by a decrease in estrogen levels that can be caused by both childbirth and menopause. Extreme weight loss can also lead to loss of labia fullness.

As the labia majora continue to thin over time, the labia minora (inner folds) become more noticeable. This is more pronounced if they are darker or hang down past the edges of the labia majora. The total effect is that of a flat and sagging labia. This ages the overall appearance of the vulva.

The labia majora act as a cushion during sexual intercourse. The loss of tone and firmness in the labia majora can cause discomfort during sex because they are unable to protect you from excessive friction and impact.

Labia puffing is the use of dermal filler injections to restore the appearance and function of your labia.

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