Breast Implants: Will I Be Able to Breastfeed?

Breast Implants: Will I Be Able to Breastfeed?

According to a recent study in the December 2016 issue of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, the authors found a high percentage of woman with breast implants achieved breastfeeding.

The prospective cohort study compared breastfeeding in 100 patients with breast implants to 100 patients without breast implants.  The study found that 93% of patients with breast implants could successfully breastfeed their babies versus 99% of patients without breast implants could successfully breastfeed.  There were no statistical differences between the two groups.

The authors also found that the site of placement of the incision, i.e. inframammary versus periareola, did not make a difference in the ability for patients to breastfeed who had breast implants.

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